Quality Control Excellence at Precision Plastic Fabrication


At Precision Plastic Fabrication, we closely inspect & monitor the dimensions of parts with our 2 Ram Omis automatic optical inspection machines. 

Our inspection machines are at the forefront of precision, featuring glass scales and servos that seamlessly drive the machines to pre-programmed locations. This automated process ensures rapid and accurate inspections, guaranteeing that each part meets the highest standards.

Every member of our skilled team is extensively trained to operate these machines, emphasizing constant inspection to uphold the exceptional quality our customers expect and deserve. Each machinist is equipped with industry-leading tools, including Mitutoyo Calipers and Micrometers, further enhancing our ability to maintain precision throughout fabrication.

At Precision Plastic Fabrication, quality control is not just a step in our process; it’s a commitment to delivering excellence in every part we produce. Trust us to meet and exceed your expectations with our unwavering dedication to precision and quality. 

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